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Cross Box Games makes fun and exciting games for people of all ages. We at Cross Box Games believe that privacy of our customers is an issue to be taken seriously. Thus we take great measures to respect and protect our users’ privacy. We believe that users have the right to know the personal information that is being collected. This document explains how we may collect some personal and non-personal information of our customers. In this document Cross Box Games is referred to as ‘we’ and ‘company’, whereas users of our games are referred to as ‘users’ and ‘you’.


We would like to make it clear that by downloading, installing and using our games, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy and you also agree with the collection of the information mentioned in this document. You can always choose to not give this consent by deciding to not use our mobile games. We understand that a significant number of our games are played by kids under 13 years of age, and we must protect children’s privacy and safety by restricting the marketing to these children. A child under 13 can only play our games only with consent from the guardian. 

You should uninstall and erase our games if you or your legal guardian disagree with our privacy policy. Parents and guardians of kids under 13 have certain rights according to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA, and we respects all these rights. We does not knowingly and directly collect and store any personal information from a kid under the age of 13, and we hereby specifically prohibit children from giving us any personal information.


We collect non personal and personal information.


This is the anonymous information from which one cannot find out the identity of the user. Non personal information includes technical information, behavioural data and statistical data. On-personal Information collected by Third Parties may include the following technical information: type of operation system (e.g. Android, iOS, etc.), type of browser (e.g. Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), screen resolution (e.g. 800×600, 1024×768, etc.), language (e.g. English), device type (e.g. Galaxy, HTC, iPhone, etc.), and geo-location – only general location may be collected. This information is usually gathered by third party services during your usage of our games. They analyse your activities when you interact with our games. This information is used to do statistical research, measure traffic and make applications that are customized to your preferences. These third-party service providers include but are not limited to ‘Ad mob’, ‘Chart boost’ and ‘Mobile Core’. We advise you to read privacy policies of these companies which can be found at the following links:



We would like to make it clear that we may use other service providers according to our needs in the future, and those service providers will be notified to you through update of our privacy policy. Thus, you are advised to visit our privacy policy from time to time.


This is the kind of information that can identify you as an individual. We may collect directly or through third party services:

The e-mail address of the user

The user’s personal identifier, e.g. advertising identifier, device identifier (e.g. IP address), unique device identifier (UDID), and carrier user ID

Geo-location information from a GPS enabled device (if the user allowed it)

All of the above information is gathered by user’s consent, which is obtained by the acceptance of privacy policy. Purpose of this collection of information is to enhance user experience, provide users with customized content (ads and applications), allow user to use certain functionalities in the game (in app purchases) and make possible the availability of with ‘sign in with Facebook’ feature.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your device which enable applications to enable certain features. E.g. User preferences like muted sound of the game shall be stored locally on your device, frequency capping to make sure that if we decide to promote an app, we do not run the ad of the same game over and over again. We shall store and access such information to enhance your experience. Third party services might use session cookies (which are deleted once you close the app) or persistent cookies (which remain stored until the user clears the cookies). The data stored can be personal or non-personal. Most devices allow you to block and clear cookies. Thus if you have allowed cookies on your device, your local device storage might be used to store and access information.


The user information that is stored by us, shall only be shared according to the following guidelines:

If doing so is binding by law, such as following a court order, regulation, legal process or request by a government.

To implement this privacy policy or finding out potential violations.

To ensure detection and prevention of fraud and security threats.

To negate the claims that content published under Cross Box Games causes violation of a third party right.

To make sure that the ads shown to you are relevant.

To protect the rights and property of Cross Box Games, users or the general public.

In case of a merger, acquisition or sale of the company, the change in ownership and usage of information shall be notified through our website.


We work together with third party service providers to integrate ads (video interstitials, sticky ads, static interstitials and banners) into our games. These ads shall be displayed in our games. These service providers also track your interaction with the ads and the performance of the ads. This information may be personal and/or non-personal. This information is used by us in understanding the way our games are used by you, enhancing our marketing efforts and making games that are better customized for you. The third party service providers’ usage of this information is not covered in this privacy policy. We hereby also inform you that we shall advertise in our games, other games made by us.


We take significant measures to ensure that our games and user information collected by us remains safe and there is no unauthorized access. We have used generally accepted industry standard technologies and internal procedures in this regard. However, there are inherent risks in transmission of information on the internet and electronic storage of information, and we do not guarantee that no unauthorized access will take place.


We may decide to update our privacy policy at any time. So we encourage you to visit our policy to keep yourself up-to-date with it.


For any questions, comments or suggestions contact us at feedback.


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